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Welcome to KW
Gateway Realty

Empowering Real Estate Success

At Keller Williams Gateway Realty, we are dedicated to empowering our real estate agents to achieve success. Our proven strategies and personalized coaching will help you excel in the real estate industry.

Whether you are buying or selling,

KW Gateway Realty can guide you home.

Unlock Your Potential

Discover how our training and coaching programs can unlock your potential and optimize your real estate business. Join us to access exclusive resources and personalized support.

Our Journey

Embark on a journey with Keller Williams Gateway Realty, where leadership, innovation, and growth define our path. Learn about our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of real estate success.

Keller Williams Gateway Realty is not just a real estate company; it's a community of passionate individuals striving to redefine the real estate industry through collaboration, integrity, and a client-first approach.

People working.

Our Offerings

Explore the diverse range of services and resources available to our agents at Keller Williams Gateway Realty. From advanced marketing tools to in-depth market analysis, we provide the support you need to thrive in real estate.

Training Programs

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the competitive real estate market. Join us to elevate your career to new heights.

Coaching and Mentoring

Experience personalized coaching and mentoring from industry experts at Keller Williams Gateway Realty. Our guidance will enhance your professional development and help you achieve remarkable results.

Marketing Support

Gain access to cutting-edge marketing strategies and resources to effectively promote your listings and attract potential buyers. Leverage our marketing support to maximize your real estate business growth.

Resource Library

Explore our exclusive resource library, where you can find valuable tools, templates, and insights to streamline your real estate operations and stay ahead in the dynamic market.

KWRI Training Information and Stats.

Empowering Real Estate Agents


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Our Support & Culture

Meet Our Leaders

Get to know our accomplished leadership team, spearheading the vision and growth of Keller Williams Gateway Realty. Learn about their expertise and commitment to agent success.

Associate Leadership Council

Discover the Associate Leadership Council members who play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and culture of Keller Williams Gateway Realty. Their dedication and insights drive our collective success.

Agent Resources

Access a wealth of agent-only resources, tools, and support systems tailored to elevate your real estate career. Join Keller Williams Gateway Realty to unlock exclusive benefits and accelerate your professional growth.

Business Meeting

Our Approach

At Keller Williams Realty, we invest in the evolution of your real estate career with an entire ecosystem of education, training, coaching, mentorship, professional development, and a worldwide network of top talent. 

Success Blueprint:


Personalized Training

Tailored coaching and training to address your specific professional goals and aspirations.


Marketing Strategies

Strategic marketing guidance to enhance your brand visibility and attract potential clients.


Tech Integration

Access to advanced technological tools and platforms for seamless real estate operations.


Ongoing Support

Continuous support and coaching to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Agent Success Stories

Discover real-life success stories of agents who have thrived under the mentorship and resources offered by Keller Williams Gateway Realty.

Catherine Zerba

"Working for Keller Williams Gateway Realty has been an absolute game changer (for me). Their unique business model prioritizes agents as clients, empowering us to promote our businesses effectively. The unparalleled support, cutting-edge training and technology, and vibrant culture have kept me loyal and allowed my business to thrive for over a decade. #lovewhereyouwork at Keller Williams!"

Sam Boghigian

"Keller Williams Gateway Realty continues to provide me with unparalleled support both in and out of the office. The resources, mentorship and guidance, combined with their emphasis on fostering a truly collaborative culture has allowed my business to grow each year."

Christina Marmonti

"I interviewed at a handful of places before joining KW Gateway Realty, and I'm glad I did - I made the right choice! The culture, support and training resources have been wonderful as I have grown as an agent. Highly recommend!"

Michael Haynes

"The support from staff AND fellow agents at KW Gateway has been instrumental in my growth from day one. In 5 short years I have been able to sell over $60 million in real estate and help more than 140 families realize their real estate goals. I couldn’t have achieved these numbers without the support of everyone around me at KW Gateway Realty. The culture and camaraderie is the best out there, bar none."

Debbie Collyns

"With all of the tools, classes, positive mindset coaching and culture, combined with being an education based, seasoned, motivated and friendly agent, Keller Williams has given me the edge to far exceed what I thought would be possible in real estate!  In starting off in a single, independent brokerage, I am glad that I segued to Keller Williams who is world wide and offers so much to their agents!!"

Mary-Jo (MJ) Driggers.

"Joining Keller Williams Gateway Realty was a decision I will never regret.  Coming from two prior brokerages I immediately saw a difference in my business and most importantly the wonderful feeling of surrounding myself with like minded professionals. I see not only agents taking the time to sit down and formally coach others, I see people helping others grow.  The coaching and education I receive at Keller Williams makes me successful.  I can bounce any idea off of any agent whether they are new or if they are a top producer.  We are a family. "

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